Earn Money as a SociaBoost Affiliate


You can earn big bucks by referring your readers, business associates, or anyone else to SociaBoost for their Social Media Marketing needs.

  • 20% Commission on all sales
  • Recurring Commissions on subscriptions
  • 30 Day Commission Tracking Windows
  • Payments through Paypal
  • $100 Minimum Payment Threshold

We provide the fulfillment, customer support, you provide the referrals.  It’s that easy!

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The way this works is simple. We provide you with custom links that you can distribute through any means you wish (Website, Social Media, Etc). When people use your link and purchase our products, you will receive 20% of the gross sale. All affiliates receive access to a custom dashboard so they can see how many visitors and sales they are driving.  At the first of each month, if you’ve earned at least $100, we PayPal you your earnings.  Easy, right?

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